Our lab in Springfield, MO Our lab in Springfield, MO

Calibration is the process of determining the performance parameters of an instrument by comparing it with measurement standards. Adjustment may be a part of a calibration, but not necessarily. A calibration assures that the device will produce results which meet or exceed some defined criteria with a specified degree of confidence.
Two important measurement concepts related to calibration are precision and accuracy. Precision refers to the minimum discernible change in the parameter being measured, while accuracy refers to the actual amount of error that exists in a calibration.

We know that what makes our clients work effective is the precision of their instrument therefore we put all our knowledge into the calibration process to ensure you that, when an instrument come out from our lab is perfect.

If is a laser, a total station, an auto level, a traffic or anything else our Lab in Springfield, MO will be able to calibrate to perfection using our double calibration range.

We suggest you calibrate your instruments after any job, or at least every six months.